Camp Wanderlost Retreat

What we’re ABOUT


Camp Wanderlost is the culmination of a common vision.  The sharing of our passion and love of the outdoors with those who also share the same passion, but with a twist.  Our one price custom glamping offerings are all-inclusive.  From lodging, catered food and drinks, to the adventures of the locale, from start to finish the experience will be as relaxing as it is fun. 

We're here to make social media "social." It's time to stop living vicariously through others and create our own adventures. At Camp Wanderlost we have gathered a community of like minded individuals who invoke the same desire to create, explore and get lost. From the beginning, our goal has been to inspire and enable people regardless of their age, gender, or abilities, to enjoy and learn new things while being outdoors.

• • •

Even though our camp is small, we think big. With a Zero Waste mindset, we’re striving to make this planet a better place. Our camp offers metal straws, reusable cups and compostable soaps. Our tents have solar powered lights and and charging for your electronics. On top of that, we donate 5% of our earnings to organizations of YOUR choice. That’s right. When you purchase your ticket, you will be able to choose where your 5% goes.

Our 1% For The Planet Sponsor,

Our 1% For The Planet Sponsor,